A Personal Injury Attorney Sarasota and Bradenton Victims Can Trust

Accidents happen every day, and whether you’re in Bradenton or Sarasota or any other Florida city, if you’re seeking a personal injury lawyer, you won’t have much difficulty finding one. But be sure to choose your Bradenton and Sarasota personal injury attorney wisely; you only get one chance to make your claim.

Not every injury attorney places compassion above compensation, values above victory, and respect above riches. When considering an accident attorney, Bradenton and Sarasota residents should bear in mind that there is a small firm where family comes first and every single client is treated like family. Luhrsen Law Group is that firm; we are that family. If you’re looking for an injury attorney, the Luhrsen Law Group combines the knowledge, experience, and resources of a large firm with small firm compassion, caring, and sincerity.

Luhrsen Law Group Practice Areas

When you need a Sarasota motor vehicle accident attorney, choose a law firm that has a demonstrated record of success in the area. If you need a Bradenton injury attorney to advocate for a loved one who has suffered an injury due to a serious car crash or following a collision involving a drunk driver, make sure your attorney has the appropriate experience. If you’re entire family is suffering due to a wrongful death, trust only a qualified personal injury lawyer who understands your pain and will walk that mile with you.

Luhrsen Law Group has represented Floridians in a variety of personal injury, wrongful death, and consumer law cases. Our focus and expertise are primarily on cases involving:

With thousands of lawyers in Florida, the first questions an accident victim faces are where to turn and whom to trust. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, for example, how will you know which Bradenton motor vehicle accident attorney is the right one for your case? Distinguishing one Sarasota injury attorney from another can prove to be a real challenge, but when searching for an accident lawyer, Sarasota residents should keep the following in mind: Luhrsen Law Group believes that one of an accident victim’s primary concerns should be the kind of relationship he will develop with his Sarasota personal injury lawyer.

Consider that many large firms spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising that results in the firm getting many, many clients. Also consider this: With a caseload that size, how much time and energy do you think a Sarasota auto accident attorney at such a firm can realistically devote to an individual case?

Each Sarasota accident attorney at the Luhrsen Law Group cares about what you have endured, as well as your health, well-being, and future. Our promise to you: We will listen to the details of your case, help you understand how the legal process works, and explain to you how we can help you and your family during this traumatic time. Beyond that, we will always work hard to get the best result possible for you, to keep you informed, and to be available to you.

A Sarasota Car Accident Attorney Who Values Compassion

While we are certainly proud of the hard work we put into the settlements and verdicts we have gained for our clients, we believe it is important that you know what you get when you hire a Sarasota automobile accident attorney with Luhrsen Law Group. Once you walk through our doors, you are a member of the Luhrsen family, and each Bradenton car accident attorney at our firm sees you in that light. The same goes for every Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer at Luhrsen Law. Your case becomes a part of our lives, and we will exhaust all appropriate avenues pursuing the justice you deserve following an injury or death caused by someone else’s negligence or blatant wrongdoing.

Whether you are seeking to hire a Sarasota truck accident attorney,Bradenton motorcycle accident attorney, or some other kind of personal injury lawyer, our mission is to help you, the accident victim, get your life back. We understand that when one family member is injured, the whole family suffers. We have seen families in pain. We have seen the worry and fear our clients endure wondering how the bills will be paid. If you or your family member has been injured in an accident, your focus should be on recovery and getting your life back. Let us worry about the paperwork, deadlines, red tape, insurance companies, and all the other details associated with getting you the compensation to which you are entitled. It is our privilege to help you get your life back and reclaim your future again.

When it comes to finding a good personal injury lawyer, Sarasota victims should look for a firm that selects their cases with care. Unlike other firms who handle all practice areas, we focus on the ones we are most passionate about and the ones for which we’re confident about providing the best legal representation.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, please contact a Sarasota personal injury attorney at the Luhrsen Law Group. If you are unable to come to us, we will come to you. We are a family business that takes care of families, and it’s our privilege to do so.

Have you or someone you love experienced an automobile, truck, or motorcycle accident in the Sarasota or Bradenton area? Before picking up the phone to call a car accident lawyer, Sarasota victims should consider looking for the right one.

Contact a personal injury attorney Bradenton and Sarasota residents can rely on to place their clients’ needs before their fees. Call the Luhrsen Law Group today at 1-866-957-HURT (4878)

Also, please do not forget to take our iPromise Pledge to not to text and drive. The life you save, may be your own.