Sarasota / Bradenton Wrongful Death Lawyer

What can be considered a wrongful death?

wrongful death is said to occur when a life is taken as a result of another’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing. The death must have financial repercussions that affect surviving family members negatively. If you would like to talk to our personal injury lawyers about the loss of a loved one, please contact the Luhrsen Law Group right away.

How do your attorneys decide on a compensation amount for each case?

Each case is so unique, and compensation amounts are determined on a very individualized basis. We start with the actual costs related to the accident and fatal injuries, working precisely to quantify the damage. Surviving family members are entitled to an amount equal to what was lost as a result of the death, in addition to earnings and other types of support that would have been acquired in the future. We will take specific factors into consideration (such as relationship, familial role, and age at death) to create a compensation plan with damages that may include death and burial expenses, medical bills, loss of income, loss of future earnings, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and others.

Am I eligible to file a wrongful death claim?

In Florida, a spouse, child, or other dependents who are financially affected by a loved one’s death may file a wrongful death claim.

What is “pain and suffering” and how does it apply to wrongful death claims?

Emotional pain and suffering refers to the mental anguish caused by a wrongful death. This type of damage may be applied in cases where a parent has lost a child, or a child has lost a parent. Pain and suffering may also apply to the physical pain an accident victim suffered before his or her untimely death.

What is the purpose of a wrongful death claim?

wrongful death lawsuit is intended to protect the surviving family members through financial compensation. Wrongful death cases are filed in civil court and are not for the purpose of holding the negligent person (or business) criminally responsible, but rather financially responsible. Financial compensation is provided by insurance companies, not the negligent individual’s personal assets.

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