April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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Distracted Driving Background

Increasingly today, more and more accidents happen as a result of a driver being distracted while driving. Due to advances in technology inside of cars and in cell phones, drivers are too often multi-tasking behind the wheel.A driver’s focus on something other than the driving increases the risk of driver mistake and unfortunately crashes. Indeed, a 2009 study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute revealed that texting while driving increases the risk of a crash occurring 23 fold as compared to a driver focused on driving. Cell phone use, even when used in conjunction with a hands-free device, increases the risk of a crash four-fold.

Aside from technology distractions, other distractions from driving include eating, drinking, smoking, reaching for an object, interactions with passengers, objects or activities occurring outside the car (for example, road construction, a crash) and other diversionary activities.

Too Many Instances of Distracted Driving Lead to Too Many Injuries and Death

According to the National Safety Council, approximately 1 in 4 crashes are attributable to cell phone or texting distractions. That translates into approximately 1.6 million crashes per year which, in 2008 led to nearly 6,000 deaths. Statistics reveal that 83% of drivers recognize the serious danger texting while driving and distracted driving presents. Yet, at any given time, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that 11% of all drivers are using their cell phones. Statistics reveal that over 45% of teenage and young drivers (aged 16-24) confess to text messaging while driving and 67% of young adults drivers (aged 25-34) and 65% of college-educated drivers admit to use of the cell phone while driving.

Call to Action

While Florida enacted a ban on texting while driving in 2013, in its present form (as a secondary offense with low fines plus a number of exceptions), it alone is unlikely to have a significant impact on most driver’s habits with regard to cell phone usage behind the wheel.  The call for action is clear, because when an accident results from distracted driving in whatever form, negligence has undoubtedly occurred. By its definition, the driver is not focused on his primary task of driving and should be held accountable for the damage and injury caused to others. Let the experienced Bradenton accident attorneys at the Luhrsen Law Group stand with you, look out for you, and work to prove that distracted driving is behind the cause of your injuries. For experienced legal advice, please contact our injury lawyers today to schedule a no-cost consultation.

How Luhrsen Law Group Can Help

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed by the careless, distracted yet preventable actions of another driver, trust the personal injury team at the Luhrsen Law Group to be an advocate for your family. With your family’s best interests at heart, we pool our knowledge and expertise to work for you. Let our family help you take care of yours. The compassionate and experienced accident attorneys at the Luhrsen Law Group are ready to assist you with all of your legal needs. Please contact our Sarasota and Bradenton injury lawyers right away. We offer no-cost consultations and we require no payment until a solution is reached.

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