A large number of people use their own two feet as their primary mode of transportation, especially in Florida where the weather makes it easy to be vehicle-free. Pedestrians have rights. When careless drivers ignore these rights, serious and fatal injuries can tear families apart.

If someone in your family is suffering from broken bones or fractures,spinal cord injurieshead injuries, or other severe trauma, ourSarastoa pedestrian accident lawyers would like to help. At the Luhrsen Law Group, we feel there are far too many pedestrian accidents each year, and we would like to send a message to negligent drivers that ignoring pedestrians has consequences. Most of all, we want to help victims and their families move forward by using the law to get the resources needed for recovery.

Regardless of whether or not a pedestrian looks both ways, a fast-moving car or truck can pose a threat at any time. Elderly persons and children are especially vulnerable on foot. If you are dealing with an injury or death in the family due to a pedestrian accident, let the Luhrsen Law Group investigate the details and help build a case against the driver responsible.

Pedestrian accidents happen when careless drivers:

  • Have diminished visibility due to poorly maintained windshields or failure to use eye correction.
  • Fail to obey crosswalk signs and do not grant pedestrians the right-of-way.
  • Fail to stay behind buses when the stop signs are in use.
  • Speed or engage in reckless driving.
  • Fail to stop at stop signs or slow down for yellow lights.
  • Fail to slow down or use caution in parking lots or parking garages.
  • Jump the curb.
  • Fail to notice pedestrians crossing unmarked roadways.
  • Become distracted due to cell-phone use and texting.
  • Do not slow down in school zones.
  • Ignore school bus stop signs and signals.

If you want answers about pedestrian rights and accident compensation, please contact the Luhrsen Law Group today. Our family of Florida personal injury attorneys has been helpingpedestrian accident victims for years, and we would consider it a great privilege to represent your family. Our initial legal consultation is free of charge, and we are happy to come to your home or hospital room to hear your story. Serving clients in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida.