Sarasota Car Crash Lawyers

Auto accidents that occur in intersections account for nearly 40 percent of all motor vehicle collisions on an annual basis. Intersection car crashes (crashes involving cars traveling on intersecting roadways or a car making a left turn across the oncoming lane of traffic) also have a high percentage of injuries, as the point of impact often involves the vulnerable side of one of the involved vehicles.

Most front air bags will not deploy unless your vehicle is struck from the front or rear, and many cars are not equipped with side air bags. This means that vehicle occupants in intersection car crashes are typically left with little protection since the point of impact often involves the side of at least one of the involved vehicles. .

Because intersectional car accidents can inflict severe and even fatal injuries, it’s important to contact the Sarasota car accident lawyersat Luhrsen Law Group if you were harmed or a loved one sufferedwrongful death in an intersection collision.

Intersection Traffic Law

When approaching an intersection with stop signs, drivers are required to come to a complete stop and assess any crossing or incoming traffic before advancing. At intersections controlled with traffic signals, drivers are to obey the lights and ensure the intersection is free of oncoming or crossing traffic before proceeding.

Drivers who pull into flowing traffic even after stopping may still be found negligent in a collision depending on the circumstances. Offending drivers may be held liable for related property damage andinjuries.

Damage and Injuries in Intersection Crashes

In most intersection accidents, the front bumper of one vehicle strikes another vehicle in one of three spots:

  • Front quarter-panel
  • Side door/doors
  • Rear quarter-panel

These locations also offer minimal protection for occupants. In addition to damage to your vehicle, intersection car accidents can result in a broad range of injuries including:

While some car crash injuries require no, or minimal medical attention, others may require long-term care.  As the symptoms of some conditions may not be immediately evident, it’s best to be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible following a car accident.

Proving Fault in Intersection Car Crashes

Fault in intersection car accidents can be difficult to establish unless there is traffic video evidence or witnesses. Often, the offending driver’s version may conflict with your own.  In the course of the insurance companies’ investigations, attempts will be made to limit your compensation, regardless of fault.  One mechanism used is the taking of a recorded interview of you.

The car accident lawyers at Luhrsen Law Group have years of experience helping car accident victims and their families recover the financial compensation they need and the justice they deserve. Our accident attorneys have extensive knowledge of insurance company practices and collision investigation.  We also have the resources and knowledge to track down witnesses and obtain and analyze traffic signal sequences, which can prove instrumental in proving fault in intersection car crashes.

If you’ve been injured or a family member was killed in an intersection car crash in the Sarasota, Bradenton or surrounding areas of Florida, areas, please contact the car accident attorneys atLuhrsen Law Group to schedule a free case consultation.