Sarasota & Bradenton Car Crash Victims Need a Sarasota Auto Accident Lawyer Who Cares

Sarasota automobile accident lawyer

Did you know that Florida has been declared the worst place in the United States to get into a car accident?

If you have been seriously injured in a crash in Sarasota, Bradenton, or other parts of Florida due to another driver’s negligence, you probably already know this. Why? Because it is difficult to get the compensation that you need to cover your medical treatment and lost wages unless you are willing to fight.

As a family-oriented firm with deep roots in the community, Luhrsen Law knows just how devastating these kinds of accidents can be to both you and your loved ones, and we have made it our mission to aggressively battle insurance companies and negligent drivers to make sure that the responsible parties are held accountable. We fight not only to help you cover the cost of recovery and get your life back on track, but also to make Florida’s roads safer for everyone.

Our lawyers have decades of experience protecting Sarasota families, and an in-depth understanding of how personal injury law works in our state. Do not try to go it alone if you are involved in an accident or simply assume that the insurance company has your best interests at heart. Remember, the job of the adjuster is to keep costs down by getting you to accept a low settlement. Make sure you have someone on your side who is looking out for your best interests – not looking at their own bottom line.

Common Ways That Drivers Can Be Negligent, and How a Sarasota Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

The experienced attorneys at Luhrsen Law know that there are all kinds of ways that auto accidents can be caused by negligence. In our years of helping people and families in and around Sarasota get fair and just compensation, we have seen just about everything. Here are some of the most common ways that crashes are caused by negligence.

Drunk driving (DUI) accidents. No one should ever get behind the wheel of an automobile after drinking alcohol or taking drugs (even many prescription drugs), but unfortunately far too many people in Florida do just that. By doing so, they not only put themselves at great risk, but also everyone else that happens to be on the road with them at the same time. This kind of behavior is reckless, and we can not afford to turn a blind eye to it. So what can you do? If you are hit by a drunk driver, make sure that they are held accountable for their actions. The best way to curb the problem and make our roads safer is to force guilty parties to pay for what they have done.

Speeding. Anyone who has lived here for a decent length of time recognizes that the state of Florida has a speeding problem. Whether you are making your commute to or from work or simply headed out to the local Publix to restock, you are bound to come across drivers who seem to think that they must get to their destination as fast as they can and are habitually willing to drive 10, 15 or even 20 mph over the speed limit. Recently, lawmakers have been debating whether raising the speed limit would help to curb this problem and reduce accidents, but the jury is still out. What is certain is that when people speed, it is harder for them to avoid accidents, and when they cause crashes, they should be held liable.

Recklessness. Our roads are crowded – we all know that, and it can be incredibly frustrating at times. Still, that is no excuse for the drivers to ignore basic standards of safe driving and do whatever they want.  Tailgating, constantly switching lanes to get ahead, and cutting other drivers off without notice, are just a few examples of what can be recklessness. When the reckless behavior of other drivers causes problems, you should not have to pay for their mistakes.

Distracted driving. All kinds of things can distract drivers when they are on the road – talking to passengers, changing music, reaching for food or drink – but today technology has made it even harder to concentrate. With smartphones, people take their eyes and attention from the road to help navigate, talk to friends on the phone, and even do things like texting or checking their social media updates. Far too often, this kind of behavior leads to accidents, and it should not be tolerated. Having seen an increasing number of accidents caused by distracted driving, our law firm instituted our iPromise campaigns, as a way of making our communities safer by raising awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and encouraging drivers, especially teens to pledge not to text and drive in exchange for prize incentives.

Defective parts. Though accidents caused by negligence are most often the fault of another driver, that is not always the case. Sometimes  the driver  involved is doing everything  she can to be safe, but a specific problem with  her vehicle leads to the accident occurring. When this problem is because the auto manufacturer designed or created a car part that does not work the way it is supposed to, they can and should be held liable for their actions.

Bad weather. Most people do not think about Bradenton and other areas of Florida as having bad weather, but locals know how common it is to experience a sudden thunderstorm that can wreak havoc on driving conditions. Cautious drivers know to account for this and take more care during these times, but that is not the case for everyone. If you run across someone who drives in a risky manner when the roads are not at their best, they can easily cause an accident.

Get a Sarasota Auto Accident Lawyer and Put Your Life Back on Track

Ultimately, if you are hurt in a car crash because someone was negligent, it does not matter how they were negligent, just that they were. You deserve fair and just compensation to help you pay for any medical bills you have, cover lost wages, and get your life back on track.

The experienced lawyers at Luhrsen Law have spent years helping clients just like you  in all kinds of injury cases in Sarasota, Bradenton, and around Florida. Our car accident attorneys are happy to evaluate your case free of charge at an initial consultation. All you have to do to receive a response from one of our knowledgeable professionals is to fill out our easy-to-use online form or give us a call:

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