Don’t Let the Insurance Company Convince You That the Accident Was Your Fault

If you are a resident of Bradenton or another Florida community and you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you consult with a personal injury attorney to ensure that you receive whatever compensation you may be due. While the other driver’s insurance company may try to convince you that you are not eligible for certain benefits due to your own negligence in the accident, your motorcycle accident attorney will be able to explain Florida’s comparative negligence system to you and determine whether or not you may be entitled to any remuneration. It can be the case that when a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident in Bradenton, the rider is partially to blame for the accident or for the seriousness of the injuries sustained. However, in Florida, that does not mean that the motorcyclist is not entitled to any compensation. Florida utilizes a comparative negligence system in such cases; this means that even if the injured party bears 90 percent of the responsibility for the injury, the other party who bears 10 percent can be held liable for 10 percent of the damages sustained. Even if comparative fault may have played a part in your accident, it is worth consulting with a Bradenton motorcycle accident attorney. At Luhrsen Law Group where consultations are free, your accident attorney will analyze every detail of your accident and help you to see whether pursuing benefits would be in your best interests. When you need a Bradenton motorcycle accident attorney, contact Luhrsen Law Group. Luhrsen Law Group works to recover fair compensation for its clients, to treat them with compassion and understanding, and to fight for justice. The personal injury firm serves the Sarasota, Bradenton, and surrounding areas of the state of Florida. They offer free consultations to potential clients, and no fees or costs are due unless and until a recovery is obtained. To contact Luhrsen Law Group in Sarasota, call 941.355.7778 or toll free 866.957.4878. To learn more, visit