Bradenton Couple Killed in Car Accident

A Bradenton couple traveling in Kentucky recently was killed in a collision in which police believe alcohol may have played a role. The tragic incident serves as a jarring reminder of how reckless some drivers can be and why it is necessary to retain the services of an accomplished personal injury lawyer whenever a car accident results from that recklessness. The recent car wreck claimed four innocent lives: the young Bradenton couple and her parents whom they were visiting for the holidays. According to police reports, the driver responsible for the wreck crossed over the median and hit the couple’s car head on. Witnesses say that the driver, also killed in the crash, was traveling close to 90 miles per hour at the time of the collision. When Kentucky State Police arrived at the scene, they indicated that alcohol was found in the vehicle. Further details reveal that the driver had a lengthy criminal history, including a suspended driver’s license. A car accident in which alcohol has played a role cannot rightly be considered an accident at all because the word “accident” implies that a series of unpreventable events have converged in a totally unexpected fashion. However, when an individual drinks and then chooses to get behind the wheel of a car, statistics show that a collision is highly probable --yet entirely preventable…and so, to choose to drive is a reckless, at best, decision. If you have sustained injury in an alcohol-related collision, aBradenton car accident lawyer with Luhrsen Law Group can aggressively pursue any compensation for which you may be eligible. Your lawyer will investigate every aspect of your car accident in order to help you in your efforts to obtain the full amount of remuneration you may be due. When you need a Bradenton car accident lawyer, contact Luhrsen Law Group. Luhrsen Law Group works to recover fair compensation for its clients, to treat them with compassion and understanding, and to fight for justice. The personal injury firm serves the Sarasota, Bradenton, and surrounding areas of the state of Florida. They offer free consultations to potential clients, and no fees or costs are due unless and until a recovery is obtained. To contact Luhrsen Law Group in Sarasota, call 941.355.7778 or toll free 866.957.4878. To learn more, visit