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Teens Drive Alert: Another Tool in the Fight against Distraction

Teens Drive Alert - Another Tool in the Fight against DistractionEating while driving. Talking to passengers. Changing songs. Even changing clothes.

There are all kinds of distracting things that teens have been known to do while behind the wheel. Some we’ve all probably been guilty of from time to time. Others make you scratch your head and wonder what they possibly could have been thinking.…

How to Avoid Serious Thanksgiving Driving Dangers

Thanksgiving the #1 Holiday for Traffic Deaths - How to Stay Safe

The most dangerous holiday for drivers might surprise you. It’s not the boozy barbeques of July 4th or mixing inclement weather and champagne on New Year’s Eve that pose the biggest annual threat to American motorists.

According to Forbes, the holiday with the highest rate of traffic fatalities is Thanksgiving.…

Driving Simulator Shows Floridians Danger of Distraction and More

Driving Simulator Shows Floridians Danger of Distraction and More

As part of an outreach program in Broward County, state officials recently unveiled a Dangerous Driving Simulator.Click To Tweet

This high tech tool uses a video game-like interface aimed at teaching Floridians the danger of distracted driving and driving under the influence—without the real life risks.…

Who Is Liable for a Slip and Fall on the Stairs of Someone Else’s Business or Property?

The term “slip and fall” may conjure up the image of slick tiles and yellow “Wet Floor” signs in retail store aisles. But puddles in grocery store aisles aren’t the only premise liability hazards waiting to trip up unsuspecting victims.

According to the National Safety Council, over 1 million people are injured from stair falls every year.…

Luhrsen Law Group Sponsors “Giving Hunger the Blues” Kids Area

Luhrsen Law Group Sponsors Giving Hunger the Blues

The Luhrsen Law Group is committed to serving the Sarasota community. We’re a close-knit, family oriented law firm committed to keeping the community safe through education, advocacy, and expert personal injury representation and we’re always looking for ways to give back that is why this year we are happy to announce that we will be one of the sponsors of this year’s “Giving Hunger the Blues,” a Sarasota musical benefit dedicated to feeding needy families in the area.…

Spinal Cord Injuries Need the Right Kind of Treatment

Spinal Cord Injuries Need the Right Kind of Treatment

Spinal cord damage is one of the worst injuries that a person can endure.

Depending on the severity, it can leave you changed in myriad ways for the rest of your life. You might have less strength, not be able to feel as much (or at all) in certain areas of your body, and could possibly lose the use of your legs or limit sexual function.…

Drugged Driving Accidents: Tips for Survivors

Drugged Driving Accidents - Tips for Survivors

A fatal car crash may be over within seconds.

But for the survivors of the collision, those few seconds are only the beginning of what can become years or even a lifetime of suffering. After losing someone you love in a drunk or drugged driving crash, you may be left with a painful, powerful, and ever-present sense of grief.…