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How to Avoid Being Distracted by Navigational Apps

Distracted by Navigational Apps
The dangers of texting and driving have been well-documented, and the risky practice is gradually becoming less common thanks to public service announcements and the texting-while-driving bans that have now gone into effect in 44 states. However, many drivers who claim that they’d never read or send text messages behind the wheel think nothing of pulling out their phone to use a navigational app.…

Keeping Your Family Safe around Backyard Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer Sarasota
With summer in full swing, many Florida families are turning to in-ground residential swimming pools to beat our state’s notorious heat. While backyard swimming pools may be good for creating summer memories and keeping the kids entertained while they’re out of school, they also come with certain risks, and there’s no on-duty lifeguard to respond promptly to those dangers.…