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Research Shows Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Neck Injuries without Obstructing Vision or Hearing

Biker in helmet driving chopper motorcycle

Motorcyclists in Sarasota and throughout Florida face a heightened risk of collisions and catastrophic injuries or fatalities.  Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than a passenger car because of their lack of stability, small margin for error, and complete absence of structural protection for riders. …

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters Following a Florida Car Accident

Florida Car Crash? How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters

Why are insurance adjusters contacting me?

After a Florida automobile accident, insurance claims adjusters may contact you regarding investigation of your claim.  The adjuster may request that you provide a recorded statement or that you sign a release authorizing the disclosure of your medical or employment records.…

The Best Motorcycle Gear for Safety


Motorcycles can be thrilling and exciting to ride, but they can also be dangerous. Luckily, that danger can be greatly reduced by wearing the proper motorcycle gear for safety.

Safety gear won’t prevent an accident from happening – you have to do that on your own – but it can offer your body protection from a wide range of common injuries if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.…

Steps to Take If You’re Hit by Someone in a Rental Car


Steps to Take If You're Hit by Someone in a Rental CarEvery year, more and more people visit Florida. We have sunshine, beautiful beaches, history, and theme parks galore.

In 2013, a record-setting 94.7million people came to the Sunshine State, which was 3.5 percent more than the previous year. So you can only imagine how much that number has grown since.…