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At Luhrsen Law, you will always find an accident attorney in Bradenton with the knowledge and experience necessary to handle your case. The tight-knit, family-based team of attorneys and support staff at Luhrsen Law are committed to serving you with compassionate care and understanding, the highest ethical standards, and unwavering dedication to treating you with respect and dignity.


Representing injured Floridians and their families against the big insurance companies that defend the negligent is what I do.  Why and how I do it is pretty simple:  Throughout my life, I’ve always stood...

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For me, it’s about helping individuals. It’s about looking out for each other.  It’s about leveling the playing field.   For over 15 years, I’ve been helping, looking out for and leveling the playing field...

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At the Luhrsen Law, You Will Find a Bradenton Auto Accident Attorney Who Cares

Because Luhrsen Law is a family-oriented firm, you have the assurance of knowing that your Sarasota auto accident attorney not only has the legal expertise to help you with your personal injury case, but also cares about you and your family. Just as your automobile accident attorney in Sarasota will get to know about you and your situation, we encourage you to peruse the website to learn more about your Bradenton personal injury lawyer’s personal interests, as well as to discover the depth of background and knowledge that your Sarasota accident attorney will bring to the table in the handling of your case. In addition, you can also learn about Luhrsen Law support staff that enables our personal injury attorneys to provide you with the legal counsel and representation that you can trust when you need help from a personal injury attorney in Sarasota. You can learn more about the legal team at Luhrsen Law here:

As you get to know more about Luhrsen Law, you will discover that your personal injury attorney in Bradenton and the entire legal team are committed to doing what is fair and right for you. You, your interests, and your rights will always be the highest priority at Luhrsen Law, and your Sarasota motor vehicle accident attorney will diligently pursue every available means of compensation to which you may be entitled in order to help you cover your medical bills and any other expenses associated with your accident.

Your Automobile Accident Attorney in Sarasota – Taking Care of You

If you are concerned that you will not be able to afford a Bradenton injury attorney, rest assured that Luhrsen Law will not require payment from you until your case is resolved and compensation has been obtained. Your initial consultation is free, and you will owe nothing until your injury lawyer in Sarasota has obtained a settlement, judgment, or verdict for you.

When You Are Looking for an Injury Lawyer in Sarasota – Turn to Luhrsen Law

Luhrsen LawIf you have suffered an injury because of another’s inattention, negligence, or outright recklessness, a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Sarasota with Luhrsen Law can help. Luhrsen Law has years of experience assisting clients just like you in obtaining whatever justice may be due. Serving clients in Sarasota, Bradenton, and surrounding areas, your Bradenton car accident lawyer can schedule an initial consultation with you, free of charge, to evaluate your case. To learn more about how a personal injury lawyer with Luhrsen Law can help you, call 1.866.957.4878 (HURT) or, in Sarasota, call 941.957.4878. You can also fill out the easy-to-use online form to receive a response from an injury attorney at Luhrsen Law. Get the help you need by contacting a Sarasota personal injury attorney with the Luhrsen Law today.